Spirit Week History

Spirit week is a week filled with student collaboration, art, and excitement. A week of class themes and competitions, of a Battle of the Bands and a survivor game between the grades. Seniors against freshmen, sophomores against juniors and everything in between. The winning class will get their class year engraved onto the Ugly Kilt which is displayed at the front of the school throughout the year and has a record of every class winners. Until last year, the 2015-2016 school year, no freshman class had won Spirit Week. Last year that record was broken as the 2019 graduating year won Spirit Week in their freshman year.

Spirit Week at Harwood has been going on for 16 years now, originating in 2001 under the leadership of English teacher Mr. Rand and a social studies teacher at Harwood named Mr. Berthiaume. Spirit Week offers musical, artistic, and athletic challenges that lets students show off their known, or unknown talents. Events in Spirit Week include a class mural in the hallway connecting the high school and language sections of the school, a battle of the bands that bands from all grades are encouraged to participate in, a survivor game between 16 students, four from each grade, and previously a skit performed at the end of the week. The skits are no longer a part of spirit week so now starting this year there will be a pep rally in the gym and each class will make a music video and show it during the rally. The music videos will be based on  the class theme.The final day of Spirit Week is spent with short classes and then a BBQ and Carnival that has many events taking place throughout the day.  

While spirit week has been led mostly by Mr. Rand and Mr. B, it became just Mr. Rand when Mr. B became the principal of Fayston Elementary. Music teacher Mrs. Weigand, who ran spirit week last year will take charge again this year.

Spirit Week gives the classes a chance to come together and work towards a common goal; the Ugly Kilt is a beacon for grades to work together and grow as a group, it is an opportunity that may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people to experience.