Getting Creative with Spirit Week

Harwood Union High School Students love this time of the school year. Spirit Week! During the week of May 15th, students work on a variety of different activities. One of the most enjoyed activities are the class murals.

The freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes compete to come up with the best mural. At the end of the week, May 19th, each of the murals is judged by the art department. The class with the best mural wins points for their class.

THEME MUST BE APPROVED BY ADMINISTRATION prior to any work on the mural getting started.


The Mural Judges look for the following:

  • A well-planned composition that is consistent with the class theme
  • Combinations of mixed media and a creative use of materials
  • Focal point is the 2D Mural; 3D elements can be used to accentuate but should not be the focus
  • Overall class participation (many students vs. a select few)
  • Overall quality of work and creativity
  • Originality
  • School spirit
  • Depth can not exceed tape marking on the floor
  • Complete clean up of mural (walls, floors, supplies, materials, spilled paint) Failure to clean up results in -50 points.
  • Each class is responsible for maintaining a clean environment around their mural each day. Hallways need to remain clear and passable and supplies and materials must be well maintained and cared for.
  • Students cannot miss/skip class to work on their mural.



  • No duct tape
  • No paint on walls
  • Using borders could prevent this.
  • No electrical cords
  • No water features
  • Stay within delineated areas
  • Nothing is to be hung from the ceiling
  • No candles/open flame
  • Areas to be returned to the same condition as before the project started.

Last year’s freshman class mural was “The 80’s.”

Last year’s sophomore class mural was “The Election.”

Last year’s Junior class mural was “Youtube.”

Last year’s senior class mural was “Greek.”