Penny Wars

Fighting over money and having wars is never a good thing, unless of course it’s penny wars.

Thats right, Harwood: get ready! The penny wars will begin May 10th and go until the 17th; sophomores, juniors, and seniors know how this works. But for freshmen or folks looking for a refresher, here are the rules for this event:

  1. Pennies are worth one positive point.
  2. Nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars are all worth negative points of their face value for the TA receiving them.
  3. Rolled pennies in the past have been worth double points but this year they are not due to them being brought to a machine to be counted.
  4. Containers must be visible throughout the day for attack.

Each TA will receive a container Monday morning May 10th after, the Interact Meeting and will need to be handed in on Wednesday May, 17th to the front office by 3:00 pm.

The idea of this event is to have fun and some friendly competition in order to raise money for Spectrum Youth Services. Spectrum Youth Services “is an organization outside of Burlington that works on combating youth homelessness,” stated senior and member of the Interact group, Emma Cosgrove.

In order for your class to win this event, you have to have the highest amount of positive points. So take all your silver coins and dollars and attack those other TA’s, but just remember the class of 2017 (aka the seniors) won the event last year. That’s why Cosgrove said; “I think seniors are going to win this year.”