Alyssa Bloom

The hot, humid weather won’t stop Harwood Union from having a fun time. Every year a group of students and teachers take a school trip to Rwanda for three weeks during  February break, they left 2/18/17. In Rwanda there is a seven hour difference in time. From previous groups that have gone on this trip they have said it’s educational and fun.

From what I have seen and heard about this trip is that they get to sightsee they also get to interact with different people. I also have heard that having that interaction with other people that you normally don’t have contact with on a daily basis and getting to know new people is one of the best parts of going on this trip.

They got to go to a music school and got to experience what and how they do things there.

While on the trip they did projects interviewing and making videos of things that the people there do on a everyday basis. They got to share the videos with them and there was a lot of emotional feelings in the room, considering not many of them had been recorded before so it was for many of them.  

One of the ladies that they talked to made brooms by hand.  

I have heard from many people who have gone on the trip that they recommend going because it’s a lot of fun getting to visit all the different and new parts that they get to discover and how it has changed their lives for the better.

“The trip was fun, it always is.” said English teacher Steve Rand

When the group of students and teachers arrived they were greeted by a huge group of people. They had a music parade where there was dancing, singing, and people just having a fun time.

When I heard about the safari that they went on I found it really interesting. The animals and the way that they are taken care of is the coolest thing ever. The cows that they have in Rwanda have huge horns on their heads.


The coolest thing about the cows is that the man that cares for them, he has a different song he sings to each of them while doing the things they need to do to keep them happy.   

Having heard so many positive comments about the trip, if you are not sure about going definitely take the opportunity to go.