New Tech 2

Caleb Goodman


If you’re going to immerse yourself in a vr world, might as well go full body. The hypersuit is a full body suit that gives the sensation of flying and other airborne sensations. It also allows for control of the characters full body. No release information is known yet.


Even brushing got an upgrade at CES. Kolibree unveiled a new smart brush, a toothbrush with a computer onboard to monitor your brushing and give suggestions. Because everyone wants to be yelled at by a toothbrush.


Not sure who came up with the name, but they may have just been slamming their fist on the keyboard. With that aside, remember Google’s smart glasses? Well they’re back. But not by Google. And they look so much better. OK, they’re not really like Google glasses, save that both are ar/vr headsets. ODG R-8 boasts full HD and 40 degrees of visibility. Nothing else is known.

LG – Again

LG isn’t happy with just a robot assistant, they want to apply “deep machine learning” to four of their products. Deep machine learning is what most people think of when you say artificial intelligence, more or less. Deep machine learning is the stepping stone, somewhere between the unthinking computer and the fully conscious machine. Their products would learn the behaviors of the people in the house and adjust accordingly. (An article on deep machine learning coming next issue.)