Let’s Spring Into Another Sports Season

Rachel Tousignant

As one season ends another begins. This is the same with sports. Starting March 20th all spring sports officially began. The spring sports for this year are Golf, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Track and Field.

Some of these teams had a few pre-season practices including Baseball and Lacrosse. Softball is looking at facing a major obstacle because their starting pitcher was in the 2016 graduating class and their other pitcher, Lauryn Green, is currently in a leg cast. However, short-stop senior Abby Reagan states that she’s most excited to play U-32 this season. Senior Maya Garrett also said that their biggest competitor will be Thetford.

The lacrosse team is facing the obstacle of a small sized team, senior David Deschamps states. He also mentioned that he is looking forward to the games against South Burlington’s team.

As one of the largest teams at Harwood at around 60 students, the Track and Field team is ready for their season. Senior Riley Powell, said that their biggest obstacle will be having “a track that is less than perfect” to practice on. U-32 is said to be one of the biggest competitors to Harwood this year.

This season will hopefully be one to remember.