This Year 100/20/10 Years Ago

Cole Fekert, Student

10 years ago (2007):

At Harwood:

  • The logger, who visited us a few months ago, also visited Harwood back in 2007 to give a speech the the graduating seniors.
  • A student expressed discontent with the Bush administration, specifically attacking the decision to invade Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein.

In the World:

  • War continues throughout the Middle East especially in Iraq.
  • Mauritania criminalized slavery making it illegal worldwide.


20 years ago (1997):

At Harwood:

  • The Common Ground was titled “Generation X-tra.”
  • The Common Ground Cafe went from being a senior cafe to allowing all students to enter. This decision was then reversed again in 2013.

In the World:

  • The Hale-Bopp comet makes it closest approach to earth. It will return in the year 4523.
  • The Pokemon TV show premieres.
  • Microsoft buys shares in Apple Computers to save the
    financially troubled company.
  • Princess Diana is killed in a automobile accident in France.


100 years ago (1917):

At Harwood:

  • Harwood did not exist until 1965.

In the World:

  • The First World War continues to rage across Europe and the Ottoman Empire.
  • JFK is born.
  • The United States joins WWI.