Winter Storm Stella

Alyssa Bloom

Don’t you just love it when it’s March and the weather is getting warmer and it’s great and then it snows? This was not just any snow fall, it was one of the biggest winter storms in the Northeast.

March 14th was the start of  Winter Storm Stella. Winter Storm Stella was a 72 hour snowfall dumping up to 58 inches of snow in Northern Vermont, ending at 6 am, March 16th, 2017. Burlington, Vermont, reported 5 inches of snow in one hour.

Because of this unexpected amount of snow it caused many schools and businesses to close. Harwood Union had two snow days because of this storm.  Many people were not enjoying the warmth of their homes sipping hot chocolate; instead they spent their day shoveling, plowing, snowblowing, and raking the snow off of the roofs of their houses along with their cars.  

It was impossible to keep up with the amount of snow falling. By the time it was done being cleared it would be back to when you started, full of snow.

There are people that enjoyed having all this white powder that we call snow and those are at the ski resorts, snowmobiling, or just enjoying the time outside.