Vegetarianism gives you something to Chew on


David Deschamps

There are many different reasons to be a Vegetarian.

Senior Riley Powell, a Harwood student, says it’s more about animal rights and to Ethan Inman, another Harwood senior, it’s more about diet and health specific reasons.

Is vegetarianism a good idea?

Senior Riley Powell has been a Vegetarian for six years. He has a strong opinion on the way animals are treated and the culture created around it. He feels that it’s a healthy and affordable way to end the cruelty to animals. “Eating meat increases rate of heart diseases and can raise blood pressure,” he said.

Inman, on the other hand, doesn’t do it so much for the animals but does it for the health benefits that come with and how cheap it was to keep a healthy diet. “It can be a better choice because it’s lower in saturated fat”