So Many Gadgets, Too Little Time

Caleb Goodman

CES or Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest technology shows of the year, has recently shown many fun and new innovations.


Nvidia-Mercedes self-driving car

With all of the news about self driving cars, this doesn’t seem new. It isn’t, but the co-pilot feature is. It will be able to detect dangers and alert the driver. It will also include facial recognition to understand where the driver is looking. This car will be out near 2020.


LeEco’s smart bikes

Smart cars aren’t the only mode of transportation to get an upgrade. LeEco incorporates a GPS into the bike’s carbon-fiber frame. But the GPS can also be used for music, communication with other bikes, and as a fitness tracker.






LG robot assistant

LG announced a robot similar to Amazon Echo or Google Home, but in robot form. Hub, as it’s called, can also interact with other LG appliances such as LG’s autonomous vacuum.

The Holo Cube

With the advent of virtual reality(vr) and augmented reality(ar), accessories have become a large market. Vr uses a headset to create a world where as ar uses a headset to add images to the world. The Holo Cube is a cube that works with the camera on the device to become anything the programer makes it.


3dRudder’s foot pedal

3dRudder wants to take on a different problem: movement on a ar/vr world. Unless you have a room to walk in, movement is offputting, to say the least. Your eyes see the movement, but you don’t feel the movement. The foot pedal would help with this, mapping foot movement to in game movement.


Samsung’s foldable screen

Though not from CES, this concept deserves a place in this article. Despite Samsung’s recent problem, they’re still going strong. They recently filed a patent for a foldable screen on their phones. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back with a part two next time.