Mystery History – Maggies Way

Cole Spaulding

Living in Vermont I have seen and heard of some mysterious things in the surrounding area and the state. Some of which include various graveyards on Maggies Way, on a hill below Interstate 89 going south and one on Loomis Hill in Waterbury Center.

The graveyard off of the Interstate is very old. The graves were from the 1800s and the early 1900s. The people in this graveyard were mostly families buried together on the top of the clearing.

The graveyard was slightly secluded, located up on a ridge surrounded by trees. There were no visible buildings around the site but the railroad was visible. A few of the names on the graves included Clitus E. Johnson and his wife Phebe Johnson. According to, Clitus was born in Vermont and Phebe was born in New Jersey. They lived on the road called Waterbury town to Middley which does not exist today.

There are no roads that lead up to this graveyard which may be why it is not frequently visited or being used to bury people any more. This graveyard will continue to be researched and maybe the history and story of these people will be uncovered and told to the public.