Student Government has our backs


Riley Powell

The extent to which students have control over their education in school is a divided issue among the students at Harwood. There are a number of students feel that they have no choice or say in how things are done at Harwood. There is also a small group of students that knows that we have more say than we know. These are the students that are on student council, the ones that get up every Friday morning and work with the administration to make school a better place for the rest of us. I recently interviewed the junior class president, Walker Caffry-Randall, these are some of his answers to my questions.


Riley: ”What do you usually do for student government and for the school?”


Walker: “We improve things around the school; that can be physical things like getting new picnic tables outside or it could be rules and regulations like not having homework assigned over break.”


Riley: “How cooperative is the administration during your meetings and do you work well with them?”


Walker: “They are usually supportive and work with us to improve what they can but they always have the final say in what we do, they always give a reason for when we can’t do something.”


Riley: “How much time do you usually spend working for student government?”


Walker: “There are meetings every Friday morning.  Senior Colin Fenelly and I usually spend half an hour each week to plan the meeting; sometimes other people will put in extra time to work on projects.”


Riley: “Do people ever get mad at you because they think student government does nothing or not enough?:


Walker: “Yes, even student government members get mad too.”


Riley: “What are some current projects that student government is working on?”


Walker: “ We are currently working on many projects and looking for more. Here are some of our current projects: cell service for the school, streamlining the internship program, planning middle and high school dances.”


Riley: “Do you have anything else to say?”


Walker: “Join student government and go to the meetings!”



Pictured above are two members of student government, on the left is Colin Fennelly, and on the right is Walker Caffry-Randall.


“The members of student government work as hard or harder than any other student at Harwood and are constantly working to improve the school that we all attend. They are responsible for most of the good things that have happened at harwood these past few years.” quote by Senior David Deschamps.

El fin.