Students and Teachers Prepare for Greece and Italy Trip

Rachel Tousignant

Classes, such as Latin and Three Democracies, have taught students about ancient peoples and cultures. In order for students to make real connections to what they’re learning, history teacher Kathy Cadwell helps to organize an overseas trip to Greece and Italy. This is a biannual trip that is not just open to Latin and Three Democracy students, but to all students. The trip will take place from April 15th to the 25th. Their itinerary features stops in famous cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and Athens.

During their ELO meeting on February 3rd, Cadwell went over important upcoming dates and had students engage in team building exercises. She revealed that Explorica, the touring company which is organizing the trip, is booking the plane tickets within the next two weeks.

Students attending the trip spoke of excitement, senior Cole Fekert said “I’m really excited to see the Mediterranean Sea. I heard that the water looks really cool, really blue.” Several students told of their excitement is seeing the city of Florence and the famous Parthenon.

Teacher, and chaperone, Becky Busker spoke about how “we’re going to talk about some of the places we’re going to visit, the significance of them, and how they connect.”

However, the significance of each place will change depending on whether or not the student going has taken Three Democracies or Latin.

Jackson Greenleaf, a sophomore former Latin student, said that Latin helped to prepare him by teaching him the history of “ancient Rome and the places that we’re actually going to be able to witness firsthand will definitely help us with the knowledge part and the Latin will be in to a certain extent part of those ancient artifacts and areas that we’ll go to so I think that will help.”

“[Three Democracies has] given me a really good base of the history of Athens and all about how democracy started there and I’m really interested to see the stuff that I’ve learned about in person, I think it’s going to be a really cool connection.” said junior Isabel Jamieson.

Overall, both classes are preparing students for the sights they will be seeing.

All of the chaperones and students are ready to get the trip underway. They will be meeting again on February 17th during ELO to talk about roommates and give their input on who they will want for a roommate.

There will also be the annual International Dinner Fundraiser that will take place on March 16th from 6-8pm at Harwood. Additionally, each student on the trip is selling raffle tickets for a homemade quilt that will be raffled off during the dinner along with more items that will be up for a silent auction. The public is welcome to attend and all proceeds will go directly to the trip to cover extra costs.